The Simplest Value-Add For Breweries

inke packaging — October 1, 2020

The Alcohol industry is being saturated, soaked if you will, with new beer and wine businesses popping up everyday. We’re clearing up the spill and letting you in on and the best tips and trends to un-bottle your alcohol brand’s point of difference.

Stand out on the shelf and create scroll-stopping designs

Investing in your brand and image has never been more important as a brewer. Online and offline it’s your biggest chance to create value-add to your potential customer’s choice.

People always have and always will shop with their eyes. This process will determine how your brand will be seen on the bottle, the can, the box, the tap, online and on the shelf – so make it count!

What will draw your customers in? Investing in a quality and unique design now will propel your brewery into the future and create longevity in a world of constant new and fading entries to the market.

Digital printing for small run

Craft brewers or microbreweries by the definition produce much smaller amounts than large-scale breweries, so their printing and packaging solutions have to be in line with smaller runs. Use this to your advantage. Large breweries are boxed in by rigid printing and packaging requirements.

Digital printing is the optimal choice for microbreweries, or anyone who needs a versatile option for small run packaging. It’s the most cost effective choice allowing you to unleash your creative genius without worrying about exorbitant set-up costs and other charges. We offer a range of sizes for every beer packaging requirement, starting from just 10 units – check it out for yourself here.

If you’ve taken on our first tip of developing a quality design that is cohesive for all your different product placements, different beers, cans and bottles – digital printing with inke allows you to play around with this design.

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