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inke packaging — June 15, 2022

When compared to physical retail, online stores have fewer touch points to deliver and delight, since customers can only interact with merchandise images or video.

The convenience of online shopping may come at the cost of no hands-on experience with a product before purchasing it. This is why it's critical to think about your eCommerce packaging and the implications it may have on your customers' mail rooms to boost their unboxing experience!

People adore unboxing custom packaging, which is why it's a popular trend on YouTube and across social media. This practice extends beyond end-user experience by creating a link between commerce and retail. So here are some factors to consider when structuring up your personalised packaging strategy.

Use the same mailer box in-store and online

There are many benefits to using the same packaging in-store and online. For businesses, the primary reasons are simplicity in ordering and reducing costs as you scale.

Your customers will visit bricks and mortar when itโ€™s convenient or they have time to shop retail. They might order online if there is a limited release on your product or they do not have the time to go in-store.

What remains consistent is that they have chosen your brand and like the experience they have across both channels. This means it is logical to ensure the quality of the experience they have each time remains consistently high.

In fact, it goes beyond mailer boxes as you can make the customer feel like they are inside your store by spraying its scent on the packaging. People often forget what they buy but they never forget how the buying experience made them feel.

Keep your branding consistent across each experience

Solid brand identity is essential for achieving consistency across all platforms and in-store. Similar package themes give a sense of familiarity and encourage people to buy more frequently.

Investing in a single consistent theme for all of your branding and design aspects is a wise decision. Keeping the same identity while updating your package design seasonally can take the monotony out of it and get customers excited about upcoming designs.

Custom boxes are an excellent opportunity to welcome your customers about who you are and what makes your company stand out. Allows people to connect with the brand on a deeper level than ever before, whether they are delivered in person or dispatched from afar.

Products with unique or sophisticated packaging will intrigue customers to record their reactions to opening up their purchases in real time. This explains why there are so many unboxing videos going viral as it is an excellent method for making people aware and promoting a memorable customer experience.

Custom packaging has been an underrated method of upscaling brand awareness and branding consistency is a key factor to achieve that. Ecommerce has come to realise that it actually is the simplest and most effective way for brand promotion while also displaying it. Unlike premade boxes, you can include pertinent details about the products, brand, and even a message.

Reusable: Encourage customers to share with friends or family

Some businesses consider their custom packaging boxes to be as important as the product being delivered. Customers end up feeling the same and use boxes as a display or to keep other things using them over and over again.

Personalised packaging is often used to generate loyalty and "word-of-mouth" advertising since it enables brands to include small personalised touches such as a greeting letter or special offers. People are more likely to recommend what they engage with.

Customers naturally acquire more products and look for alternative storage solutions around their home. While a cheap packaging solution is easily discarded into the recycling bin (or worse, the waste bin), great custom packaging is reusable throughout the home and means your brand is likely to be front of mind on the next purchase cycle.

Connecting the retail and eCommerce experience is front of mind for businesses expanding their digital footprint or shift from being digital native to establishing an offline experience.

As your business grows and expands, choose a custom packaging solution that creates the customer experience your team is proud of every time. Shop the community favourite custom mailer boxes today!

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