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inke packaging — December 1, 2020

We can all be at risk of the dreaded creative block! Whether you’re designing a box for e-commerce, gifting, beer packaging or anything in between – here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing…

What kind of message do you want to send?

Who are you sending your product to? What kind of product is it? If you’re an e-commerce biz, you’ll likely have a strong understanding of your customer.

Once you define your brand, purpose, and audience for this specific packaging, you can start to narrow down what kind of visuals will convey this best.

Choose your colour scheme

Once you’ve decided what your packaging should convey and who it will be received by, choose a colour scheme that will support that. If you’re creating a box for natural cosmetic products, opt for earthy colours – perhaps browns, greens, or dusty pinks and oranges.

Consider incorporating strong colour trends, like the use of ultraviolet, millennial pink, or bold large patterns. Decide if you’ll be incorporating your existing brand colours, and how strongly.

Choose imagery

Decide if you’re going to use abstract patterns, geometric shapes, organic lines and shapes, or illustrations. Sharp or soft? Decorative or minimal? For example, if you’re a technology company looking to maintain a trustworthy, knowledgeable position, you might use a blue colour scheme with geometric shapes in your design.

If you’re a fashion retailer targeting a younger audience, using fun graphics and illustrations on bright colours or quirky colour combos will likely appeal to your target market.

Plan for the end product

Take into account the areas of your design that will be affected by folding and gluing. Will the inside of your box contain a different pattern, colour or message?

Inke lets you print different designs on the inside and outside of your box, so this is your chance to get as custom as you can! For more information on how to get the most out of your packaging, check out our FAQ’s.

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