Creative ways to retain customers for your subscription box business

inke packaging — November 16, 2021

For those in the subscription box game, you’ll know that keeping your customers is just as important as signing them up in the first place.

Once the novelty of that first delivery wears off, the strength of your offering and the perceived value that your customers get is what will keep them coming back for more.

A great way to fight off the dreaded ‘churn rate’ for this industry is to incorporate ‘surprise and delight’ strategies into your subscription box packaging. Not only will this help you to stand out from your competitors, but it will build that all-important affinity that will turn your customers into ambassadors for your brand!

So, what are some of the more creative ways to drive retention for your subscription box business?

Use your subscribers as a testing ground for new launches

A strategy that gives your customers an exclusive look at a new product, while gathering crucial insights to help you launch at scale? That sounds like a win-win if we’ve ever heard one!

Where your subscription service complements a wider eCommerce operation, let your subscribers be the first to try out your new product ahead of rolling it out more widely. Not only does this make your subscribers feel like part of your inner circle - hello, brand affinity - but it also gives you the chance to collect meaningful feedback from your core demographic.

That chance to try new products before anyone else is a great hook that will keep your subscribers on their toes to see what’s next!

Offer curated themes for subscribers to choose from

To say that personalisation has exploded in recent years would be understating it - consumers love the ability to tailor just about anything, from their phone case to their name on a can of Coke.

Extend this kind of customisation to your customers, and they’ll relish the chance to choose what comes their way. This could be as simple as your subscription box packaging, right through to the contents of their box.

And no, that doesn’t mean double the print costs - with our variable data printing, you can have up to 5 different designs in a single print run to take personalisation to a new level.

Create a loyalty program

If the biggest issue facing your subscription box business is churn rate, then offering an incentive to stay subscribed is one of the best plans of attack.

A simple points system that allows your customers to earn rewards for each box they order will reduce the likelihood of cancelling over time - as it grows, that points balance will have value that would be lost if they were to cancel their subscription.

These points could be redeemed for a free upgrade to a higher tier for one month, an extra item or even a free box depending on how long they’ve been subscribed.

Consider incentivising things like referrals or posting about you on socials, too - you can include these CTAs as part of your subscription box packaging (inside the lid tends to work really well for our mailer boxes, to capture attention as they unbox).

Want to take your subscription box packaging to the next level? Read our top tips to nail your subscription boxes, or check out our range of custom packaging options to get started.

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