Crafting the perfect package

inke packaging — March 12, 2021

With an ever-increasing amount of local craft beer brands continuing to emerge, it’s now more important than ever for brewers to take advantage of custom packaging to create visual touch-points with their consumers.

For most, their only opportunity to interact with your brand is the immediate reaction within their local bottle shop, and that doesn't come easy considering you are surrounded by competition, so how do you stand out from the shelf and leave a lasting impression?

The craft beer surge

Ever since not so long ago, it seemed that all of a sudden, it was out with the old faithful and in with the new rise of new craft brewers that have taken the Australian market by storm.

New brews are popping up everywhere, and we are seeing more and more indie brands cementing their position within bottle shops and bars as crowd favourites. It’s certainly evident we live in a world where craft beer is becoming the consumers’ number one choice over the bigger, more traditional breweries.

One thing for certain that leading craft breweries do well aside from making a refreshing ale is their attention to detail with packaging and brand experience.

After all, how do you win a new customer before they get the chance to try your beer for the first time? It’s either from word of mouth or a memorable packaging design that leaves an impression on the customer, who then feels inclined to pursue the beverage further (we’ll go with the package design).

How you can get involved

Traditionally when it comes time for a brewery to organise their packaging, they would be held to high minimum orders and limited to colour usage for their design to work with their cash flow.

Well, like how craft beer took over a traditional market, gone are those days as we’re hoping to do the same thing.

We’ve created a new category for brewers of all sizes, which you can find on our online store called craft beer packaging. Here, you will find an entire suite of industry-standard packaging options to suit from holding as few as 2 up to 24 universal 375ml cans in either carton and mailer box styles.

It’s never been easier for your brand to get involved, whether a full-time business or garage home-brew startup! With access to thousands of product options and instant pricing on quantities between 1 to 3000 units. To further the good news, we don’t charge set up fees which means you can switch between sizes at your leisure using any design, all without any extra costs.

If you have some time up your sleeve, we’d suggest playing around with a few options and placing a sample order of up to 10 units to trial it with your customers, gain feedback and run any tests you need to… then, if all checks out, come back and place an order on your terms whenever you are ready!

Yes, it is that easy. Like your beer has evolved in taste and variety, the packaging industry has evolved too.

  • For established brewers ordering above 3000 units monthly with existing supply-chain agreements, we may have more economical solutions for you. Contact our sales team for a quote today.

Target your opportunities

Even if it means buying our craft beer packaging isn’t for your bulk volume needs (we understand if you have more economical existing arrangements for this), it’s still a great opportunity for you to consider the brand-add values that using custom packaging could provide your customer base.

It could be as simple as running a once-off promo campaign to connect with your customer base on a deeper level and a chance to win some new fans through gained exposure across social media.

Or even pivot your current offering to the eCommerce market and start a subscription-based offering to customers across the country. Based on the back of a solid website and good marketing, you could be flooded with new business in no time, and thanks to our low minimum order requirements, you can order exactly the amount of packaging you’ll need to fulfil these orders so that it works with your bottom line and so that you're not left with excess expenses and wasted materials.

Consider your options

As all of our online orders are printed using CMYK Digital printing technology, this allows brands to take advantage of the most up to date production method available to cater to sustainably printed, low to medium run packaging volumes, whilst using any design forgoing set up fees on artwork.

We believe in good design, and the influence it has on customer engagement. We know good things take time, so don't rush through it and make sure you consider all of your options when creating your order (don't worry we're not going anywhere).

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