Closing the Loop on Australian Made, Waste-preventive Packaging

inke packaging — December 9, 2021

While the popularity of eCommerce has skyrocketed over recent years, so too has our impact on the environment.

Australians alone waste enough packaging each year to fill the MCG nine times over - not to mention the resources that go into producing that packaging in the first place.

As players in this space, we’re hyper-aware of our responsibility to innovate eco-friendly packaging that not only reduces our own environmental footprint, but to help others do the same, too.

Here’s how we’re closing the loop on waste-preventive packaging, made right here in Australia.

Cutting down the supply chain

With much of the country’s packaging production happening overseas, many businesses are unwittingly contributing to the emissions and energy usage involved in transporting their products across the globe.

Manufacturing eco-friendly packaging here on home soil doesn’t just lower our carbon footprint, however; it also gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of ordering.

No more ordering units that you don’t need or settling for ‘close enough’ when it comes to box size - we can offer smaller minimum orders and variable data printing to incorporate multiple designs into one print run.

The result? Less packaging wasted and less impact on the environment. That’s a win-win in our books.

Unboxing sustainability

While we like to think that most consumers are pretty good at separating their cardboard boxes from their regular rubbish, often some of the biggest culprits when it comes to packaging waste are what’s inside those boxes.

Void filler like bubble wrap isn’t just a hassle for your consumers to dispose of, it’s a non-biodegradable material that won’t break down once it eventually makes it to landfill.

Rather than just treating this symptom of unsustainable production, we’ve cut it off at the source. Our mailers and shippers come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your product. Get rid of void filler altogether or cut down on how much you’re using just by picking packaging that fits.

We’re also proud to source all of our cardboard from leading local paper mills, who are FSC or PEFC accredited. This means that their materials are sustainably sourced and harvested, promoting eco-friendly practices in the paper industry from its roots.

Plus, if we create any off-cut waste while producing your boxes? That gets recycled into corrugated materials that we then use for future packaging production, meaning we can run a self-fulfilling, eco-friendly packaging production chain that minimises waste.

Printing on demand

Our CMYK digital printing process is quite different from the traditional processes of yesteryear. Where you once needed up to 10-15% of additional material for a large print run, with digital printing? There are no print jobs too big or too small, meaning we can print small runs without wasting any packaging.

Our commitment to waste-preventive, eco-friendly packaging is growing all the time, as we look for new ways we can cut down on our environmental impact and to make it easy for our customers to do the same! Stay tuned for updates to our Environmental Framework.

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