Bridging the gap between brand and consumer

inke packaging — March 11, 2021

Fortunately, there are ways to create lasting connections and foster good relationships with those who support your brand. Investing in these fundamental customer relationships will allow you to better understand them as individuals and how their lifestyles, needs and wants can be taken into account to improve your product.

Start listening to your customer and amplify their voice

It’s proven that up to 66% of customers report a gap between brand promise and brand reality. The same studies found that the gap between consumers and brands drives purchase and customer retention among consumers.

Imagine if this was the reality for your customers. You’d probably want to know about it and work with them to understand why. To prevent this, start requesting feedback in every communication you make with your customer. This is a simple acknowledgment that you care about their opinion, and you need to improve where possible.

If you haven’t already, create a user-friendly way for your customers to submit reviews of your product and reply to the lower-rating reviews with a solution, suggestions or the simple courtesy that you’ve heard them.

Welcome feedback and authentic discussion on your social media platforms, and join in on the conversation. Doing so is the first step to creating a good foundation for communicating with your customers.

Look for ways to improve

We, too, have been looking for ways to establish this into our brand perception. We worked on this by making touch-points with customers post-purchase to review their experience and see if they had any feedback.

We found it was the right move to establish a sound relationship with our community and listen to what they believed we should do to improve our service. Developing this rapport with customers has been the best thing we could’ve done.

This resulted in enabling us to re-structure our product offering and features with the re-launch of our platform to improve our packaging, ensuring our customers are receiving the best quality product we can offer.

It also abled us to hear their brilliant ideas and champion their wins with case studies on our Common Grounds feature. We also remain active online so that all queries are responded to within 24-48 hours.

Now you have a channel to encourage honest feedback, continue to monitor what your customers are saying, and engage in healthy conversations with them, such as running a live Q&A or, if you’re a small start-up, perhaps a live feedback event. This will also enable you to bring the consumer perspective into the improvement process.

Empower and advocate for your customer relationships

Be honest with your customers and let them know that you need them on your side to continue creating good products. Share feedback with the whole team and take on the suggestions that are made. Remind your customers that they’re being listened to and their requests will be actioned.

Like in any good relationship, it’s a two-way street. This means it’s you and them making decisions about your brand, not just you. This can be communicated by asking your community to help vote on internal decisions (where possible) and then implementing them back into your offering after they’ve requested it.

Branding and design importance

Good design is the best marketing asset. With good design and consistent branding, you’ll soon attract a community of loyal consumers who want to support your brand. A customer who appreciates and enjoys your product will spread the word and influence friends into new customers of your brand. This won’t happen without good branding and design, as customers care about the aesthetics as much as the quality.

You’ve got to consider how you present your product to your customer and show that you care about them every step of the way. After all, they are choosing to spend their hard-earned money with you. Your relationship with your customer doesn’t end when the transaction does. Make sure you pull out all the stops to keep them satisfied and invite them back.

At the end of the day, without your customers’ support behind your brand, you’d be nowhere. They’re your best allies, and they want the gap between them, your product, and you to be non-existent.

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