Boosting your unboxing experience with void filling

inke packaging — November 17, 2021

If you’re in the business of particularly fragile items, you’ll know there’s always a fear of a customer opening their hotly-anticipated box to find it has sadly not survived transit.

As an Australian custom packaging provider, we know custom box inserts can be costly, especially for small businesses. Not to mention they limit how much you can actually pack into an order. But you need something to ensure your customers’ orders arrive safely in their hands to avoid material losses for your brand and the potential loss of a valuable customer.

Enter: void filling. Void filling protects your products from damage in transit, but it can also create a fun, immersive unboxing experience for your customers when they receive their mailer box.

Not all products will require void fill, and if you’re unsure whether or not yours do, consider:

  • Is your product particularly fragile, or heavy?

  • Is your box a lot larger than your product, meaning it could move around and get damaged?

  • Is your product made of glass, or is there potential for it to break and also leak?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should definitely consider void filling.

Good news before we move on: you actually may not need to invest extra in order for your products to be shipped safely. Choosing the correct sized mailer box could mean the difference between your product showing up in a million pieces, or simply, in one.

All our boxes are available in a huge range of sizes, making it super easy for you to select the perfect one based on the dimensions of what you need to send. If you want it super snug and can’t see the right size on our website, you can always create your own size instead using our custom packaging tool.

If you’re still thinking about adding an extra protective layer, here are some ways to make it fun and create a memorable experience for your recipients.

Tissue Paper

Want to make your customers feel like they’re receiving a gift? Tissue paper adds a touch of sophistication to your delivery and adds a tactile element to the unboxing experience. It also works as great cushioning for products that may be smaller than your boxes.

If you wanted to take your customer experience to another level, you could even opt for branded tissue paper.

Recycled Paper

If you find yourself with an abundance of paper or cardboard at your disposal, this could be shredded and used as a sustainable void fill option. This will create a slightly less luxe experience for your customers than tissue, but it will send the message that your brand cares about minimising waste, which, if you ask us, is a better first impression.

Bubble Wrap

You could use bubble wrap as an extra protective layer around particularly fragile products, but unless your box isn’t much bigger than the item inside, it’ll still slide around. Plus, it’s inherently less sustainable than other counterparts, and you certainly wouldn’t want to fill a whole box with the stuff. Honeycomb craft paper can have similar protective qualities and is much better for the environment.

Custom Box Inserts

If your product is super fragile, just a weird shape or you really want your customers to know you’re serious about it arriving safely, you could always opt for totally custom packaging and go with a custom cut box insert.

Custom inserts are great for presentation, especially for brands launching a new product. Think skincare or food & beverage. They can often be used to brace bottles or jars to keep them intact during transit and ensure your product arrives exactly as you intended it to.

If you’re looking for bespoke custom packaging, request a quote or shop our range of custom packaging with specific sizes today.

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