Behind the Scenes of our Sustainable Products

inke packaging — March 9, 2021

It's no secret the environment is hungry for our care, which is why the finer details of supply and production for packaging are more important than ever.

With the demand for sustainably conscious products constantly increasing, inke is committed to creating environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.

Here are three ways we deliver conscious packaging solutions.

Supporting local

As an online marketplace connecting brands directly to manufacturers, we utilise only Australian suppliers to source and produce all packaging. Buying local and driving a circular economy is a commitment we're proud to uphold to strengthen Australian communities.

Within our manufacturing network, all cardboard materials are sourced from local, certified Australian paper mills. This helps us towards our goal of addressing an ever-growing need for environmentally friendly packaging, using sustainable materials paired with modern and environmentally friendly production.

Sustainable techniques

We use modern digital print production technology that helps to reduce waste by up to 10-15% on each order, compared to traditional printing techniques. This provides our customers with the ability to order small run, on-demand custom and recyclable packaging without the need for any set-up costs or huge minimum orders.

For larger production requirements above 3000 units, we also have a network of sustainable and effective solutions to match your requirements and accommodate all needs.

Supporting Greening Australia

We love supporting other organisations that are doing great things for our planet. Going that little bit further, we are passing on 1.5% of all proceeds to Greening Australia from every order placed, meaning contributions we make from consumer purchases go toward supporting Greening Australia's Vision 2030, to plant over 500,000,000 native trees and shrubs, restore over 330,000 hectares of habitat, and store over 3.3 million tonnes of carbon each year!

What to look out for when going eco-friendly

We give users and consumers a transparent overview of the sustainable resources we use across our entire product catalogue to allow them to dive deeper into the benefits of each product. This way, they can easily cancel out any other product that doesn't follow the requirements of the fast-paced flow of the 21st century.

Our packaging and printing technology is moving beyond its role as a print production prototyping tool. Our technology's value as a production process has been the holy grail for sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing, and we aim to deliver even more in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for updates coming soon!

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