Why brands are switching to Australian mailer boxes

inke packaging — June 10, 2022

Over the last couple years, the eCommerce industry has discovered customers are dazzled with their order routes. From clicking the 'pay now' button on the website to ripping through into the package on their front door. Gathering that anticipation, excitement and possibly even a touch of nerves to create a one-of-a-kind customer experience through individualised packaging is an opportunity to improve brand loyalty.

The latest Australia Post eCommerce Industry Report shows that shoppers forecast their online shopping frequency to remain 28% higher than before the pandemic. The astounding year of eCommerce growth has created new trends, such as brands switching to Australian mailer boxes.

This current behaviour is the result of several factors.

Supply chain issues from overseas

Retailers have had trouble securing stock in recent times, from car components to household goods, due to congestion in shipping channels, supply chain disruptions, and an increase in companies operating online.

Australians have decided to return to local retailers, with 57 percent expressing their willingness to support local businesses and 52 percent saying delivery from overseas takes too long. As an outcome, individuals have acknowledged the economic and social benefits of switching back to Australian mailing boxes.

Knowing the supply chain and holding it accountable for its sustainable development issues benefits the craftsmanship and quality of the product, as well as its embedded manufacturing footprint. Product's quality is determined not only by how well it is constructed, but also by how long it lasts and its ability to perform the function for which it was designed.

Customer service and customer experience

Switching to Australian mailer boxes means quicker lead times and more certain access to your purchased items. A key benefit is getting items to customers quickly, where and how they want them. With so many customers choosing online shopping to in-person shopping, retailers must review and improve the end-to-end online purchasing journey.

When you run an online store, it's not just about selling things. Modern buyers use multiple channels during their purchasing experience. Companies must be present on all of them in order to enhance overall client experience.

Local businesses find it much easier to implement an omnichannel strategy and give a better buying experience as they can easily provide personalised customer service throughout the way. Tracking and customer service are frequently better and more efficient when purchasing locally.

Sourcing your custom mailer boxes from a company who manufacture and deliver from Australia comes with the convenience of making contact with customer service in your time zone.

Customers can also gain value from loyalty programs that they usually can't get somewhere else. People are more inclined to return if they know they'll be rewarded for choosing a brand. Companies with loyalty programs have a positive return on investment as surveys show consumers say rewarding influences their retailer of choice.

Supporting local Australian business

Supporting local businesses and initiatives, such as Greening Australia, is one of the most compelling reasons to shop locally. Small businesses and organisations have been devastated by the outbreak. As a result, many companies have struggled to keep up afloat or develop innovative ways to meet customer needs and promote causes.

Buying from a local business or charity shop, whether from a corner shop, a physical store, or an online marketplace, is a perfect way to demonstrate you care about what they do in terms of both money and symbolically. This means they'll be able to continue doing what they're already good at.

It has its advantages to go from a 14-week global supply chain to a 14-day local supply chain. Australian mailer boxes are already being reshored, and the trend is expected to continue.

During the Victorian shutdown, the state government created #ClickforVic, a campaign intended to assist local companies. Many more hashtags, such as #BuyFromTheBush, #SpendWithThem, #BuyRegional, and #WhereYouShopMatters, were used to spread the message on social media.

Ready to switch to Australian mailer boxes and show your customers you support local business to make the most of custom packaging? Right this way, sign up now.

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