2022 eCommerce Design Trends Forecast

inke packaging — December 9, 2021

As one year comes to an end, it’s only natural that our gaze turns to the year ahead - and the design trends coming down the pipeline.

Across the two years of the pandemic, for many of us a package arriving on the doorstep was one of the only things to look forward to; we were craving bold colours for a pop of brightness, and personalised touches to feel connected to the outside world.

Now that we’re hopefully reemerging from our homes, expect eCommerce design trends to shift, too.

Here are the trends we predict will take the Australian custom packaging world by storm in 2022.

Retro moment

It’s only natural that after two quite stressful years, we’re gravitating towards a time - and design aesthetic - that was much more carefree.

The 60s are enjoying a resurgence in design, and we’re seeing this manifest in custom packaging in a few different ways.

Play around with washed out acid colours, paisley patterns and distorted type to get the retro look in your Australian custom packaging.

Negative space

In a world that seems busier than ever before, letting negative space do the talking might just be one of the most effective design trends at your disposal right now.

Leaving large swathes of your packaging blank will make your logo or messaging even more prominent, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. For a memorable unboxing experience, you could even flip your traditional double-sided design to place the fun print on the inside of the box, and keep the outside quite minimal.

Negative space or minimalist packaging also offers a sense of calm in what’s becoming an increasingly busy world, something your customers are sure to appreciate!

Text as art

The lines between function and form when it comes to custom packaging are beginning to blur, and we couldn’t be more here for it.

Typefaces are becoming an important part of brand identity; so much so that their placement on Australian custom packaging can be a design in and of itself.

Try your brand or product name in different fonts, weights and sizes to create information hierarchy and points of interest on your packaging.

The raw look

We’re stoked to see both brands and consumers alike paying more attention to the environmental impact of eCommerce, and that shoppers want to support businesses who take sustainability seriously.

One such way brands are getting this message across? Ditching the coloured exteriors and letting the natural cardboard of their packaging shine through. Use coloured ink to highlight your branding and add some dimension to the box, or even print your environmental framework right onto the box so your customers know how you’re living out your value of sustainability.

Got an idea for a great box design? We can make it happen. Start by choosing your custom packaging product here.

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