Crafting New Experiences Through Beer Packaging

If you’re looking for a way to reposition your brewery in the crowded market as the weather warms up, perhaps changing your packaging may be the place to start. 

Beer is so much more than the beverage consumed. A true connoisseur of the sweet malty stuff will take everything from bottle to label into account, which is why it’s so important for your brand to consider the complete user journey when releasing product. 


So where does custom packaging come into the equation? We’re so glad you asked…

Use it to create memorable sampling experiences

If your brewery produces a number of craft beer styles, it may be worth your while creating a sampler of your best sellers. These are great for a host of reasons. Someone new to the brand can get a taste (literally) for what you offer, and decide on a favourite. You can send them to prospective stockists for their consideration. They also make a great gift for the guy who’s got everything. 


Easily maintain an active voice in a crowded market

Summer is the season for beer, which means it’s time to put your best marketing foot forward if you want to ensure your product is seen. Think of investing in custom beer boxes as an alternative to flyering. Your brand identity, tone of voice, and key messages can all be broadcast on your packaging, and what’s better, you don’t have to go to the effort of actually broadcasting it. 


Small batches need small runs

Craft beer is only set to continue growing, with $1 of every $10 spent on beer in Australia being spent on craft varieties. That said, the lion’s share of craft brewers still produce much smaller quantities than their large-scale counterparts. With sizing options for as little as 4 bottles and as many as 30 cans, inke is perfect for small runs. Our digital printing technology also gives craft brewers the advantage of flexibility. When we say custom printed packaging, we really mean it. Every inch of your box is customisable, and variable, meaning if you want to keep everything bar one line of text the same, you can. 


We’ve worked with a number of small batch breweries and boutique gin distillers to provide truly bespoke custom packaging solutions. Stone and Wood came to us to create packaging for small-run, limited edition brews, and we’ve produced the boxes for Winston Quinn Gin’s samplers, as well as the many more craft brewers who have projects in the works with us right now! 

Your packaging should be a fun, inviting reflection of your brand’s personality. It shouldn’t be so bland that it makes your customer need a drink.
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